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Events and Activities:

- 1-2 -

International Conference of ORSN 3 comments

The conference commenced with the National Anthem and a welcome speech by Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan, emphasizing sustainability through operational research (OR). Keynotes covered topics like traffic congestion reduction and digital sustainability. Panelists discussed value-based banking and e-governance. Overall, it aimed to advance OR knowledge for societal betterment.

Speakers included Chief Guest Mr. Madhuraman Acharya, who stressed OR implementation in decision-making. Dr. Sunity Shrestha Hada highlighted ORSN's journey and the importance of research. Keynotes featured discussions on energy diversification and business performance analysis. Panelists tackled start-up challenges and migrant worker training for Nepal's development in various sectors. ... Read more

- 02 -

Officer level Livestock Data Management/Analysis Training (6 Days) 2 comments

In a livestock data analysis training conducted by Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan, participants learned about various statistical techniques and tools for analyzing livestock data. The training has covered topics such as data cleaning, data visualization, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, and regression analysis. Participants have learned about the use of statistical software SPSS for data analysis.

Dr. Pradhan provided practical examples and case studies related to livestock data analysis during the training, which have helped participants understand the concepts better. He also discussed the challenges and limitations of analyzing livestock data and provided guidance on how to interpret and communicate the results effectively.

Overall, a livestock data analysis training conducted by Dr. Pradhan have provided participants with a solid foundation in statistical methods and techniques, enabling them to analyze livestock data more effectively and make informed decisions based on their analysis. ... Read more

Upcoming Events

NQPCN is going to organize National Quaity Conference 2024 on 17-18 May 2024 at Kathmandu

Nepal Statistical Society and AMRIT CAMPUS is going to conduct one day Conferene on Data Science.

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Useful Sites

Z Statistics (Video Tutorial)

The Z Statistics website, created by Justin Zeltzer, offers educational resources for university students and analysts. It features a series of videos on common measures used to describe a single variable, including arithmetic mean, median, mode, quartiles, percentiles, and variance. Additionally, the website covers hypothesis testing, including the t-test and testing for population proportion p.