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"A Journey Through the Data Analysis to Expose the Hidden Gems of Insight"


Data Analysis

Data analysis involves inspecting, transforming, modeling data to extract insights, enabling informed decision-making, optimizing processes, and uncovering opportunities in various domains.

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Research & Trainings

It includes mastering statistical techniques, learning data visualization tools, and understanding data management practices. Through this you will develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and the ability to communicate insights effectively.

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Quality Management

Quality management prioritizes continuous improvement, stakeholder engagement, and a culture of excellence to enhance the quality of product and services efficiently.

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"Bijay Lal Pradhan is an Associate Professor at Tribhuvan University with a Ph.D. in Statistics. He has published books and research papers in fields Statistics, Production and Operation Management, General Management, Social Sciences and Quality Management. He is associated with professional organizations and social groups." Prof. Dr. S.S.P. Rao

"Associate Prof. Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan stands out for his exceptional talent in statistics, earning recognition through various national honors such as the prestigious Bidhya Bhusan Medal Class "A." His extensive research and active involvement in international conferences underscore his stature as a revered figure in academia. Personally, I have greatly benefited from his expertise, drawing inspiration for my own research pursuits. Prof. Pradhan's humanity, coupled with his proficiency in IT and music, along with his compassionate demeanor, positions him as an exemplary mentor and role model. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been guided by him during my MPhil studies, and I aspire to pursue a PhD with his invaluable support. Wishing him continued good health, prosperity, and academic triumphs ahead." Dhun B. Budhathoki

"Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan is an exceptional Associate Professor of Statistics, with a wealth of experience in academia and research. I had the privilege of learning from him during my UG, PG and PhD. His ability to simplify complex statistical concepts and provide real-life examples made learning Statistics enjoyable and effortless. Dr. Pradhan's dedication to research and training is evident in his numerous publications, training sessions. He is an asset to any institution he is affiliated with, and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and experienced Statistics professor. " T.R. Chalise, PhD