Fundamental of OM BBA

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SPSS Training

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PCMS TQM BBA VIth Semester

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Assignment PCMS MBA IInd Semester

DATA for Assignment 02 Assignment 02 (Instruction for Assignment) PCMS Assignment 2070-1 Sampled papers (Business Research) (paper 1) (paper 2) (paper 3) (paper 4) (paper 5) (paper 6) (paper 7) click Here


Questions of test of hypothesis

Research Note for MBA IInd Semester (Business Research) [Chapter 1]…..[Chapter 2]…..[Chapter 3]…..[Chapter 4]…..[Chapter 4 plus]…..[Chapter 5]…..[DA & Test]…..[Report Writing]

Statistical Tables 1. Statistical Tables (Z, T, chisquare n F) Excel 2. Normal Table PDF Presentation Slides ROL MBS Thesis Orientation MUTUAL FUND PRESENTATION INSURANCE IN NEPAL Share Market ppt Research Topics for BBA Students


Megastat [Click Here for Megastat download]……. [Instructions for megastat] B Sc Statistics B Sc First Year practical questions collections Model Question of fundamental of Statistics click here for Applied Statistics click here for bsc-firstyr-syllabus click here for 4_Years_B.Sc_Course For Lecturer of Statistics click here for relevance of the course of B Sc click for Statistics sewa ayog question collection of Lecturer

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