Livestock Data Analysis Training

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Officer level Livestock Data Management/Analysis Training (6 Days)

Instruction to install SPSS in Windows OS

Instruction to install SPSS in Mac OS

Statistics Book
Tiger data

5 days workshop on DA using SPSS

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Introduction to Research and SPSS
Data View and Variable View
link for slide 1
data trasformation
data presentation
Descriptive Statistics

Workshop on SEM using AMOS

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notes on AMOS
Click here to fill form
Click here to see the questionnaire
Click here for tools of AMOS
Conceptual Note on Exploratory Factor Analysis
Likert Scale Construction
Regression Analysis
Download Data for Regression
Download Online learning data (For EFA)
Download toothpaste data (For EFA)
Fit Indices Formula
Download Software
Stat Wiki Page for plugins
Fit Measures from site of David
Calculation of AVE and CR Manually
CFA Check

Video Tutorial to Install AMOS

R Studio – NQPCN

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Materials for Day 5
Correlation and Regression
click here to download data Happiness
Download Data from here

Workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis

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On 2nd of June 2023, Qualitative Data Analysis workshop has been held at Kathmandu Don Bosco College, Lazimpat, Kathmandu.
Please fill this form before session starts
Slide: Click here to get slide
Note: Click here to get note
Book: Click here to get Book
link for softwares Software site link
Book: Qualitative Data analysis using ATLAS.ti
Google Sheet: Click here to see the data

Workshop- DA using R (IOM-Maharajgunj)

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21st May 2023 to 25th May 2023

[Introduction to R – Book]
[Study material 1] [Practice file]
Packages:“tidyverse”,”car”,”nortest”,”moments”,”agricolae”,”dplyr”,”lmtest”,”ISLR”,”tseries”,”RVAideMemoire”, “carData”,”gapminder”,”ggExtra”,”gridExtra”,”GGally”
ggplot practice: [Practice file -2] [Material for Day 3][Data for Day 3]
package to be install are:car, Hmisc, corrplot, ppcor
[Link for Day 4 Code] [Link for Day 4 Slide] [Reading Material]
package to be install are: Psych, FactoMineR, factoextra
Day 5 material

Keynote Speech in National Conference

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On 19th may, 2023, National Conference has held at Oxford College, Nawalparasi.

Bhuwani Shankar SPSS

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Survey Questionnaire your data

[Descriptive Statistics][Data] [or click here]
[Materials for Charts] [Assignment 1] [Bank Data][crack27]

Download SPSS+Amos 22
data for regression

Data Analysis: Advance Excel: Nilkantha

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Pre Survey Click here to fill the form
Data: Click here to download data1
Data: Click here to download data for confidance score for Bank
Data: Click here to download data for Citizen Report Card 2020
Slide: Click here to download slide 1 (Research method)
Book: Applied Statistics for Business and Management using Microsoft Excel – Linda Herkenhoff , John Fogli
Book: Statistics for Managers using Microsoft Excel – David M. Levine -9th Edition (2021)
Book: Statistics for People Who (Think They) Hate Statistics: Using Microsoft Excel 4th Edition (2017)
Note: Introduction to SPSS
Note: Data view and variable views
Note: Menu and data import
Note: Data Transformation
Note: Diagrams
expenditure data

QAA Awareness Program

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NQPCN has organized QAA orientation program to the prospect colleges of Kathmandu on 10th May 2023