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On 26th November, Annual General Meeting of NQPCN has held in society building, Hattisar. The new executive team with the Chairmanship of Associate Professor Dr. Bijay Lal Pradhan has formed.

Second BIC National Research Conference

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On 25th November 2022, Boston International College has organized Second National Research Conference 2022. I had delivered a Keynote with the topic “Analysis of Variance (ANOVA): Assumptions, Application, and Misusages.”

Netrawati Public Campus

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Problem Identification & ROL Download slide

Boston Workshop

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Survey Form
Reading material Download Exploratory Factor Analysis 1
Reading materials Download Exploratory Factor Analysis 2

Slide 1 Download slide1

Data for practice Download employee data

Workshop on DA in Animal Science

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Book 1 Download book by Aviva Petrie, Paul Watson, Statistics for AS
Book 2 Download book by Nageshwora RAO, Statistics for Ag
Slide1 Download slide 1 simple regression
Slide2 Download slide 2 multiple regression
Megastat Download Megastat Installer for Excel
Slide3 Download slide 3 PCA
Data pca Download data PCA
Slide4 Download slide 4 logistic regression
Slide5 Download slide 3 CA
Data ca Download data ca

R Data analysis (Dillibazar Kanya)

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Introduction to R Download Day One Material
Introduction to variables Coding & Decoding Download Day two Material
Data types and analysis Download Data types and analysis
R Graphics Download Day three Material
Hypothesis test Download material for Test of Hypothesis
Regression analysis Download Regression analysis

R Script Workshop (Birendra)

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25th to 30th May 2022, 5 days Workshop on Data analysis using R at Biredra Campus Chitwan

Script day 2
Script day 3.1
Day 4 ppt materials
Day 5 Multvar

Data analysis using R (Diyalo College)

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22nd May, 2022

Microplastics study in Nepal

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13th International Conference of ORSN

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Feb 1-2, 2022, Operational Research Society of Nepal (ORSN) has conducted 13th International Conference of ORSN on the occasion of 15th annual day of ORSN. The theme of the conference was “Operation Research: Sustainable Development”. Seven Keynote speeches from: India, China, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines were presented where as four parallel technical session was conducted. Where altogether 7+6+5+7=25 technical papers were presented virtually from Nepal and India.