Workshop- DA using R (IOM-Maharajgunj)

Posted by: | Posted on: May 20, 2023

21st May 2023 to 25th May 2023

[Introduction to R – Book]
[Study material 1] [Practice file]
Packages:“tidyverse”,”car”,”nortest”,”moments”,”agricolae”,”dplyr”,”lmtest”,”ISLR”,”tseries”,”RVAideMemoire”, “carData”,”gapminder”,”ggExtra”,”gridExtra”,”GGally”
ggplot practice: [Practice file -2] [Material for Day 3][Data for Day 3]
package to be install are:car, Hmisc, corrplot, ppcor
[Link for Day 4 Code] [Link for Day 4 Slide] [Reading Material]
package to be install are: Psych, FactoMineR, factoextra
Day 5 material

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