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B Sc Fourth Year (Syllabus) – Statistics
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Book- Sampling Techniques with R – Bijay Lal Pradhan
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Slide – Sampling – Bijay Lal Pradhan
Slide 1 – Introduction to R and R studio
Slide 2 – Introduction to Sampling
Slide 3 – Simple Random Sampling
Slide 4 – Stratified Sampling
Slide 5 – Cluster Sammpling
Slide 6 – Systematic Sampling
Slide 7 – PPS Sampling
Slide 8 -Ratio estimator
Slide 9:Ratio Regression estimator

Example for practical

VDO for Download R and R Studio and Install in your System

List of Statistics Project work Idea
– Statistics Project Ideas for School and College Students
– Business Statistics Project Ideas
– Statistics Project Ideas on Socio-Economics
– Statistics Project Topics on Finance and Economics
– Statistical Analysis Topics on Sports and Movies
– Statistics Project Topics on your Interest
– Statistics Project Idea on Time Series Analysis
Lists (not limited to the list)
– Increasing use of fast food in children of Kathmandu
– Statistical Analysis of time spend by student in Social Media
– Web browsing habit of college students – A statistical Analysis
– Are e-books better than conventional books? – A Perceptional Study
– The influence of social media on business sales
– The effect of social media on the performance of an employee
– Sexual harassment amongst female employees in the workplace
– Impact of the Facebook Marketing on Business Sales
– Relationship between the leaders of a company and its employees
– Food habits in low-income families
– A relationship between exercises as well as a reduction in overall medical expenses
– Performance analysis of the banking sector
– Do federal elections affect stock prices?
– Analysis of cash deposit patterns in banks
– Regression analysis on national income
– Statistical analysis of the impact of birth and death rates on the economy of a country
– Is there a relation between a basketball player as well as his height?
– Do sports affect the behavior of an individual?
Do students get lower grades if they are involved in college sports?
Comparison between hockey as well as basketball?
connection between mental health outcomes and social media usage
Analysis of the consequences of cyberbullying
Are mobile games beneficial for students?
correlation between having a part-time job and grades
Academic performance of students who has done project work

Practical (simple random sampling)
Practical No 1
Make a vector “name” of names of students in your class. Write a code to draw a sample of 4 students with and without replacement and operate to get the sample.
R codes for practical no 1
Names=c(“Ram”, “Shyam”, ……..)
sample1=sample(Names,2) # sampling without replacement
sample2=sample(students,12, replace=TRUE) # sampling with replacement

Practical No 2
In a population the values of a characteristics Yi, (i=1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.), are 6, 7, 3, 4, 8
and 5. Random samples of size two are drawn without replacement. Verify that E
(ȳ) = Ȳand E(s2) = S2. Also calculate V(ȳ).The notations have their usual meaning.
R codes for practical no 2
p_samples=combn(c(6,7,3,4,8,5),2) # all possible samles
samplemean=colMeans(p_samples) # all possible sample means
mean(samplemean) # mean of sample means
mean(pop) # population mean
mean(p_samples) # alternative pop mean

samplevar=c(var(p_samples[,1]),var(p_samples[,2] ),var(p_samples [,3]),var(p_samples [,4]),var(p_samples [,5]),var(p_samples[,6]),var(p_samples [,7]),var(p_samples [,8]), var(p_samples [,9]),var(p_samples [,10]) ,var(p_samples[,11]),var(p_samples[,12]), var(p_samples [,13]),var(p_samples [,14]),var(p_samples [,15])) # all possible sample variance

mean(samplevar) # mean of sample variance
var(pop) # variance of population
var(samplemean) # variance of sample means